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Item Number:SWINGblack24.5 〜 SWINGblack30

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  • 29.0cm 

  • 28.5cm 

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  • 25.0cm 

  • 24.5cm 

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Amazing functionality and comfort never before seen in men's shoes! You can choose soles from two different designs. SWING for the business scene. WWING for the casual scene. Both are made of materials with high cushioning and resistance to scuffing even much walking. Japanese microfiber leathers are soft for the first time wearing, even if you wear them from the moment they arrive! Toughness against rains lets you can wear them every day. SIZE Heel:3.3cm(Insole included) Insole:0.8cm Weight of a shoe: about 280g(based on25.5cm) High, wide instep feet fets 0.5cm bigger size. * We don't have shoes of 28.5cm and 29.5cm.


Category Other shoes, Shoes
Material ・ Item 176517
ManufacturerBell Co., Ltd.
Model Comfort shoes
Country of originJapan

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